Does An Apple A Day Keep The Dentist Away?

Apples have long been considered "nature's toothbrush" because their thick skins and fibrous flesh are just the right texture for the natural brushing of the teeth. The natural fiber and thick skin act as something like a scrubbing brush to rid your teeth of plaque and build-up.
Apples are exceptional foods for your teeth and gums and for your overall health, packed with nutrients, vitamins, and fiber to give you energy and with teeth-brushing texture. But they do contain sugar and acid, which can be harmful to your teeth. So follow these tips:
1. Eat your apple in one sitting. Grazing leaves more acid and sugar on the teeth for a longer time.
2. Eat apples with other foods. A slice of cheese or bread will neutralize the acids.
3. Brushing within 20 minutes of eating an apple to remove acid and sugar is best for your teeth.
4. Rinse with water, if brushing isn’t an option.

What is your favorite kind of apple?

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