Spring Spruce Up

April is finally here and we hope that you are enjoying the season so far. Despite the sunshine, remember that if you are in a dark place, you may think you’ve been buried when you’ve actually been planted!

We are really looking forward to hosting a blood drive on April 20th from 8:00 - 11:30 a.m. We’re challenging everyone in New Iberia to come donate because everyone is someone’s blood type. Donating one pint of blood can save up to three lives and new life is what spring is all about, right? We would love to see you come out and support this awesome community!

For us, spring is the perfect time to declutter our personal lives and one great place to start is by leaving behind the situations that cause us stress. If a situation is unable to be changed, then a simple shift in attitude will do the trick. Sometimes all it takes is a step back to look at things from a different perspective.

Decluttering your living space can also help to decrease stress. Every spring, we clean our entire office from our light fixtures all the way to the floors. We also appreciate any chance to get outside in the beautiful sunshine to do some yard work. Our office is full of people who love to work outside, whether that’s mowing the lawn or planting beautiful flowers. We are so blessed to take in all that nature has to offer and we’re thankful for it every day.

Speaking of clean, it’s so important to make sure your toothbrush stays fresh. All it takes is a good rinse after each use! Shake out the excess water, store it in an upright position and you are all set. When the bristles dry, the bacteria on the brush dies so it will be safe to use the next time you need to brush your teeth.

We’ve worked hard this year to make Henagan Team Dentistry even better than before. We want our patients to feel like they are part of our family and we pride ourselves in being able to earn your trust. Patient care is our number one priority and our team stops at nothing to ensure we are providing you with a pleasant experience.

To really kick off this sunny season, we hope you enjoy this recipe for our favorite sugar-free lemonade!

Unsweetened Lemonade
Makes 64 ounces

  1. Slice six lemons in half. Squeeze out juice into a bowl, remove seeds. Add juice to a large pitcher.
  2. Add two quarts water to pitcher.
  3. Stir in one teaspoon of stevia. Taste and decide if extra sweetener needed.
  4. Slice one lemon and add to pitcher. Add ice and enjoy!


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